Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Football, at our house, is a religion. Well, I mean, in the sense that it happens on Sundays, it is hard not to fall asleep, and we have faith, even without visual proof. We are football fans from Michigan, which means that we lack evidence of winning, even more than most. But, every Sunday from September to January (We’re almost ALWAYS done in January), we watch, we cheer, we pray.

Many of our long-suffering friends are Lions fans. Oy. Poor, poor Lions fans.


Our house is populated with Bears fans. Hubby’s family grew up in and near Chicago, and it was basically written into our wedding vows that I, and our offspring, would bleed blue and orange. Sundays mean that everyone dons their jerseys and eats too much. If we cannot watch the game, then we follow along on the internet (Thank the Gods for the internet, which makes our obsessions instantly stalkable).


Today, as many of you know, we (The Bears, because we are all one on game day) must play our hated, vile cheese-breathed rivals, The Packers. For the division. For a shot at the playoffs. This is a big deal. This is the whole season.

And even though I don’t REALLY¬†believe that The Bears stand a chance in Hades against any of the other teams in the playoffs (Good heavens, was anyone actually watching that awful Philly game, last week?), validation of the entire season rests right here, on the shoulders of Jay Cutler and company. Without the playoff run, this ends what has been a remarkable season. Without a win, The Packers go on to the playoffs and we go home, tails between our legs.

So, let’s talk about the season. Let’s talk about a new coach, a new offense, receivers that actually CATCH the ball (how about those receivers, eh?), and a defense that has historically been one of the best that absolutely crumbled. Ugh. The defense.

It is a season when being a Bears fan has been interesting, to say the least. Where once we hid our head while the offense took the field, now we scream and stare at the screen in awe, as “impossible” catch after “impossible” catch is made (Thank you, Jon Gruden). Where once we exalted¬†in a defense known for take-aways and goal-line stands, now we use the defensive plays as an excuse to grab another bag of chips, or sign onto Facebook.

None of that matters, today.

Today, The Bears take on The Packers. For the division. For the playoffs. For bragging rights and glory and for “I-told-you-so.”

Today, is our day. We’ll worry about tomorrow, next week.