So, this happened…

Forgive me, my five blog followers, for I have forsaken thee…

I didn’t MEAN to stop blogging. In fact, I have every intention of blogging all the time. I’ll be driving the kids to practice, or sitting at my desk at work and think, “HA! That’s hilarious. I should totally write that down and post it on the blog.” But… well, my life tends to get in the way. I apologize. I’d push it out of the way and tell it to be more courteous, but… well, life.

And then, some new stuff happened, and it got a lot more crazy. But in a really awesome way.

So, without further rambling, I’d like to announce that I have signed with the fabulous Rena Rossner, of the Deborah Harris Agency!  She is fantastic, and has an excellent eye for editing, and is also funny and kind, and I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I’m SUPER-GEEKED about this development. She was one of the agents that were at the top of my list of choices, and I was and will continue to be thrilled to have waded through 48 rejections in order to get the one offer from her.

I’d love to sit here and type out painstakingly long descriptions of #1 son’s broken finger and the surgery he just had to pin it, the Princess’ accidental glutening of herself and the misery that ensued, the AWESOME trip to Nerdcon: Stories that I just took with my fabulous critique partner, the broken dishwasher, the busy work schedule, Little Man’s current  obsession with battle royale nature lit, and of course, Eldest Daughter’s acceptance to COLLEGE!!!!! But alas, I have much revisioning to attend. And also, probably, a dishwasher to buy.

And plans to take over the world, Pinky. Love and peace and cookies to all of you.


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